• We've worked with big names

    Can we brag here a bit? Sure we can.
    Many of our clients have come to Gerald for big projects that need the eye for detail but also the fabrication knowledge to make it work!
  • CAD and CNC Services

    Some projects are team efforts. Featureworx can be a key member in figuring out your complicated projects. We can provide the CAD and CNC expertise that you may not have time for.
  • 1: Quarter Mandala, Lululemon storefront Topanga, Culver City
    2: Sculptures by Doug Coupland. Built by Straightline Designs. CAD,CNC and assembly instructions by Featureworx. Toronto
    3: 88 layer fitting bench design/build by Featureworx, Comor Sports,Vancouver
  • Out of the ordinary

    Feature pieces for your home or business. They'll be the centre of attention.
    Design/Build/Install services available.
  • Store Displays

    Permanent or temporary Reception desks, point-of-sale stations and displays
  • Visualization

    Some projects need approval before the fabrication begins. Featureworx can provide 3D renders and appropriate shop drawings for designer approvals or city permits